Massage Therapy

Patricia’s Background

Patricia received her Washington State Massage license in 1994, and Arizona license in 2004. She is trained in multiple massage modalities including deep tissue therapy, neuromuscular release, trigger point & myofascial release, Swedish relaxation, sports massage and Thai stretching techniques. She trained at Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics, Soma Institute Soma Neuromuscular Integration®, Medical Massage by Susan Dones LMP, CCM ACT as well as other credited training classes and continued education.

Patricia enjoys a variety of activities including yoga, walking, kayaking, and biking. But her true passion is massage and working with the different modalities to provide others with the treatment they need to relax, improve, and/or heal their bodies. Each massage session is custom created to best benefit you. A comfortable blend of client-specific techniques may include deep tissue, trigger point, stretching and Swedish therapy. Giving her client what they want and need is her main goal.

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Arizona license # MT-01215P

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